What questions should you ask your fiancé before you get married?

“What questions should I ask my fiancé before we agree to get married?” MarryBlack.com’s Real Talk! Real Relationships! with Dr. Joyce Morley answers this relationship question. Your soul mate…awaits! Click Here to see more shows. MarryBlack.com is the #1 Dating Site for Black Women & Men. MarryBlack.com – Your Soul Mate. . . Awaits!

Worst Relationship Mistake #51: Expecting Marriage To Make The Relationship Better

Meeting, dating, laughing, playing, and getting to know a person is fun. Both of you are discovering and exploring a new person and beginning a relationship. But relationships are hard work. They require time, effort and focus from both parties. by Darryl L. Mobley, MarryBlack.com Life Coach If the relationship has struggled while dating, those …