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Top 10 Reasons Why Black Women Divorce

Various research studies indicate that 70 percent of Black women’s first marriages will end in divorce. MarryBlack.com wanted to know why. MarryBlack.com’s research of more than five hundred divorced Black women gave us the ten top reasons why Black women divorce. We think this information is very helpful for Black singles. Black people meet. They really do. Let’s just make sure those meetings between Black men and Black women are destined for success.

Top 10 Reasons Why Black Women Divorce

1. Infidelitydivorce-couple-10-reasons-black-women-seek-divorce-marry-black
2. Incompatibility
3. Not meeting family obligations
4. Grew Apart/Stopped Growing
5. Personality problems
6. Employment problems
7. Loss of love
8. Lack of communication
9. Physical or mental abuse
10. Drinking/Drug Use

What Should Black Women and Men Do With This Information?

1. Be clear on what you are looking for in a partner. Click Here to learn the questions you must ask your partner before things get serious
2. Discuss your likes and dislikes BEFORE you get committed
3. Develop a Relationship Agenda
4. Realize the changes that you must make in order to earn and sustain a great relationship
5. Be honest about who you are, your goals, and what you want from life
6. Avoid the typical relationship mistakes
7. Don’t ignore any compatibility issues that exist before you get “serious”
8. Improve your ability to communicate with your significant other
9. Don’t expect the relationship to be made better by marriage. A bad relationship won’t get better after marriage.
10. Black women: Don’t marry a man who has significant periods of unemployment before you hooked up. This type of man will never “earn his keep.” Black men: Get and keep a job! Period! Ain’t nobody got time for excuses.

Black Women Initiate 69% of All Divorces!

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