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Top 100 Resources for the Black Family (2016)

FamilyDigest.com’s Top 100 Resources for the Black Family (for 2016) gives you a direct link to the top-100-logo-300x166organizations and individuals dedicated to helping strengthen the Black Family. This list is not just for Black women and Black men. It is for all African Americans, Black people everywhere, those who love them and those they love. Family Digest’s Top 100 Resources for the Black Family provides information, inspiration, advice, education and connection to the most powerful voices so that you, your family, relationships and kids can be smarter, healthier and happier. We will update this list yearly and ongoing as we receive information. Did we leave you or someone else off the list? See the bottom of this list to make suggested adds to the list. BTW – If you made the list and you wish to place the official logo on your website (and have us place your name on the logo) so that others know that you were selected, please contact us or place a message in the comment area below. We will follow-up with you, prepare the logo with your name, send the logo to you, and authorize its use. #BlackOnBlackSuccess

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1) FamilyDigest.com
FamilyDigest.com is Black America’s No. 1 Family, Relationship & Parenting Source. Everything Black couples & families are looking for is right here when it comes to having great families, fantastic relationships, great health, and raising kids right!


2) 4 Fathers Journal
Marlon Cole’s 4FathersJournal.com celebrates the importance of fatherhood through photography, film and other artistic mediums.

3) 4 Hats And Frugal
Amiyrah Martin runs 4 Hats and Frugal where she loves to chat about family, food, fashion and finance; her 4 hats in life. And yes, she is frugal.

4) As Told By V
As Told by V was created by Vanessa Morris to be a safe house for mamas that want it all and proclaim it loud and proud. Unapologetically ambitious.

5) Baby Brown Sugar
Christina S. Brown’s BabyBrownSugar is all about her journey as an expectant mom.

6) Baby Making Machine
Jennifer Borget’s BabyMakingMachine documents her trial and errors of becoming a Domestic Diva, and her life doing the mom thing while juggling a career.

7) Baby Shopaholic
Wife, mom, and fashion-obsessed shopaholic, Trina, uses Baby Shopaholic to chronicle her fashion adventures withtop-100-resources-for-african-americans-family-digest-2000x1500-2 her daughters in tow.

8) BernettaStyle
Bernetta Jackson-Knighten provides Bernetta Style as a resource on motherhood, wife-life, fitness, natural hair, family events and date nights.

9) Black And Married With Kids
Black and Married with Kids was created by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler in 2007 to promote positive images of black families and marriages in the black community.

10) Black Dad Life
BlackDadLife.com is a blog/podcast about 1st-time fatherhood hosted by Jamal Press and AMurphyII

11) Brotha Tech
Terrence Gaines founded Brotha Tech to tie technology to family. The site teaches parents how to use gadgets to make memories with their kids.

12) Chaton’s World
Chaton Turner brings us the ChatonsWorld.com blog about the challenges of a working mom who is raising children while married and maintaining good style.

13) Chewsy Lovers
Chewsy Lovers covers romance, cooking, and health/wellness as written & photographed by Mandi and Elliot Buckner.

14) Chookooloonks
Karen Walrond’s Chookooloonks is a lifestyle, travel, inspiration and photography website, all about living with intention and a sense of adventure.

15) Daddy Doin Work
Doyin Richards is a dad, husband and blogger committed to celebrating great dads. If you’re a Daddy doin’ work or you’re romantically involved with one – this blog is for you.

16) Dash of Evans
Ashleigh Evans likes to make sure people know that being on a budget is not a bad thing. She believes its a SMART way to live your life!

17) Diary of a First Time Mom
Founder Heather Hopson’s Diary of a First Time Mom creates content for moms-to-be, new moms and their babies, and beyond.

18) Divas With A Purpose
Michelle D. Garrett’s Divas With A Purpose is about women being driven, inspiring, victorious and having a plan of action to become the best them they can be.

19) Dude Mom
Amanda Rodriguez offers up Dude Mom is a humor, lifestyle blog written by the best mom in the world. Also, she may be slightly delusional.

20) Everyday Eyecandy
LaShawn Wiltz thinks that it falls to moms, daughters and wives to be the keepers of all the memories. She wants this blog to make your everyday life beautiful.

21) Fab Haute Mama
Fab Haute Mama is about “life, love, motherhood, and musings.” You’ll find photos of children with motherhood lessons learned from her Caribbean heritage.

22) For Harriet
Kimberly N. Foster’s For Harriet encourages women, through storytelling and journalism, to engage in dialogue about the beauty and complexity of Black womanhood.

23) Glam Mod Moms
Sisters Lysandra and Dafina use GlamModMoms.com to encourage mothers to aspire to glamour in motherhood through stories, products & services and helpful articles.

24) Growing Up Blackxican
Ruby and husband Marcus Wright use GrowingUpBlackxican.com to reflect their own struggle to find answers on relationships and parenting a bi-cultural (Black & Mexican) family.

25) Headband for Today
Kendra Williams Pierson’s Headband for Today focuses on real women who juggle the multiple headbands of marriage, children, family, career and self.

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26) Houseful of Nicholes
Natasha Nicholes’ HouseOfNicholes.com shows how large(ish) families can have fun, and not go broke, or be bored to tears.

27) I’m A New Daddy
Arthur Culter’s I’m A New Daddy arms new dads with resources and advice in a supportive online environment.

28) I’m Not the Nanny
Thien-Kim’s I’m Not the Nanny shares the fusion of Asian & African-American cultures in parenting, raising biracial children, foodie obsessions, and healthier lifestyles.

29) Jackie Bledsoe
JackieBledsoe.com helps motivated but overwhelmed husbands & fathers lead and love their families so they can have lasting, fulfilling marriages and influence on their kids.

30) Janeane’s World
Janeane Davis believes that every working mom can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation and that is why she blogs at Janeane’s World.

31) Little Tech Chick
LittleTechGirl.com is owned and run by Kris Cain – – a tech blogger, computer geek, gadget addict, photographer, and mom to 2 sets of twins.

32) Madame Noire
MadameNoire gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, news, parenting tips and beauty secrets.

33) Mama Harris’ Kitchen
Dawn founded Mama Harris’ Kitchen to showcase her recipes, food photos, and personal cooking style.

34) Mama Knows It All
Brandi Jeter’s Mama Knows It All chronicles her journey as a single mother and is a resource for women as they figure out what being a mom means for them.

35) Mama’s Guide
Mama’s Guide is all about giving information and support to parents who wonder if products are “baby friendly.”

36) Mater Mea
Founder Anthonia Akitunde’s Mater Mea is a website that tells the stories of women at the intersection of motherhood and career.

37) MelisaSource
Mekeba Giles’s MELISASource.com where she shares life, culture and current events – with an always positive twist.

38) Mimi Cute Lips
Mimi Green’s MimiCuteLips is a blog for women of all shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life. The goal: empower you to live the life you desire.

39) Mixed Blessings Blog
Lynda Thorn’s MixedBlessingsBlog.com shares her experiences regarding interracial relationships and raising biracial kids.

40) Mocha Dad
If you’re a father looking to build a closer relationship with your family and be more involved in your children’s lives, Frederick J. Goodall’s Mochadad.com is the place for you.

41) Mocha Manual
Kimberly Sears Allers’ Mocha Manual website features provocative posts on motherhood. She’s also a well-known advocate for reducing racial disparities in breastfeeding rates.

42) Mommy Factor
Onica Cupido started The Mommy Factor to share her opinions as an African-Caribbean mother of a biracial child — parenting, fashion and technology.

43) Mommy Gaga
Deanna Underwood wants you to visit her MommyGaga.com if you are juggling kids, cooking, cleaning, work, significant other, budget, all while trying to maintain your sanity!

44) Mommy R and R
Valerie Pierre’s MommyRandR.com brings moms together in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that focuses on resting their minds, bodies and spirits.

45) Mommy Reporter
Desiree Peeples is a mom, on-air personality, and a health & wellness coach. She is the creator of MommyReporter.com and has a passion for all things simple and “green.”

46) Mommy Talk Show
A former television anchor turned stay-at-home mom of one, Joyce Brewer uses Mommy Talk Show to report on current events, latest trends, and product reviews for parents.

47) Mommy Week
Ashley Marshall-Seward is the brains behind Mommy Week. Her blog is filled with home and parenting hacks, C46recipes, family travel and resources on living an organic life.

48) Moms ‘N Charge
Christine St. Vil, the FLY mom coach of Moms ‘N Charge, offers fantastic parenting and self-care counsel.

49) My Brown Baby
Denene Millner’s MyBrownBaby is for Black moms looking to lend their critical but all-too-often ignored voices to the national parenting debate.

50) OK Dani
This blog from Dani Faust candidly covers balancing family, wellness, hair care, and entrepreneurship from the perspective of a fun-loving, New York native.

51) Pharr Away
Nicole Pharr’s Pharr Away inspires, encourages, and informs in a way that impacts the world, no matter how small, through the sharing of experiences.

52) PhilZENdia
Diane Nassy’s PhilZENDia.com is for you if you know that life’s journey is not always easy and is filled with lessons, hardships, joys and twists and turns. And, choices.

53) Playground Dad
Mike Johnson founded Playground Dad to be a resource for dads with technology products, events, stories and advice that helps dads find balance.

54) Product Review Mom
Louida Martin of Product Review Mom lives by an entrepreneurial example that her two girls and interested moms can learn from.

55) Rattles & Heels
Grenadian blogger Adanna from Rattles & Heels shows moms every day that you can “look amazing while raising kids.”

56) San Francisco Public School Mom
Alison Collins founded this blog for parents and educators to share information, about how to support our children in Bay Area Public Schools.

57) She’s Write
Sarah Hubbell’s ShesWrite.net is a validation for moms that they’re not crazy, for career women that it is tough, that moms just have to be tougher, and that you must have fun.

58) SocaMom
SocaMom.com’s Eva Wilson runs this amazing blog that covers all things Caribbean parenting & community.

59) Sophistishe
Sheena Tatum’s Sophistishe.com is a lifestyle blog featuring DIY projects, crafts, recipes, style, and family entertainment.

60) Still Dating My Spouse
Mr. And Mrs. StillDatingMySpouse (aka Stephon & Pamela King) help couples strengthen their marriage by implementing healthy relationship practices.

61) The Afropolitan Mom
Kira Odunsi’s Afropolitan Mom is an award-winning parenting lifestyle publication with articles on trends, parenting, technology, beauty, food, family travels and entertainment.

62) The Brown Suga Mama
Here you’ll find honest perspectives of all things motherhood from Afro-Canadien Bridget “Bee” Quammie, a first-time mama raising a beautiful brown girl in this crazy world!

63) The Chatty Momma
Tonia Sanders says that God blessed her with a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls, and she enjoys writing about them and anything that makes it all easier.

64) The Crunchy Mommy
Aaronica Cole’s thecrunchymommy.com caters to the many roles that moms and parents have.

65) The Cubicle Chick
Danyelle Little’s The Cubicle Chick keeps you abreast of career news, technology, and helpful tips for families to help better manage their personal and professional lives.

66) The Solo Mama
Regina Sayles’ TheSoloMama.com was created to inspire, encourage, and inform single moms while dispelling the myths associated with single motherhood.

67) The Young Mommy Life
This website from Tara Jefferson helps young mothers make informed decisions about relationships, education, careers and parenting style.

68) Thriftanista In The City
Letroy Cooke’s Thriftanista in the City promotes thrift shopping as a money saving/eco-friendly way to dress fashionably, and encourages women to be comfortable with their style.

69) Unlikely Martha
Mimi’s Unlikely Martha is about encouraging women to embrace taking care of home without losing themselves in the process.

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70) Aspire TV
Aspite TV Network was created by Earvin “Magic” Johnson. The network celebrates the African American experience and showcases aspirational images, stories and lifestyles.

71) Black-ish
Black-ish is a popular TV show about a father living in an upper-middle class neighborhood and his struggles to raise his children while ensuring they have a sense of cultural identity.


72) College Admissions Consulting
The best college admissions coaching for high school kids who wish to get admitted into top colleges.

73) Life Coaching
Get the best, most affordable life coaching that Is guaranteed to help you live a better life, make more money, have more fun, experience more fulfilling relationships, get work-life balance, plus…


74) Black Health Matters
Black Health Matters provides information about health and well-being with lots of upbeat, positive solutions and tips.

75) Sisters Network
Sisters Network is committed to increasing local and national attention to the devastating impact that breast cancer has in the African American community.


76) Black Family Today
BlackFamilyToday.com is the place to get 5 powerful tips to help you make your family smarter, healthier and happier… today!

77) Black Fatherhood Project
This film captures the challenges, struggles, triumphs, hopes and dreams of African American men

78) Sweet Blackberry
Sweet Blackberry, founded by actress Karyn Parsons (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), seeks to instill culture & heritage in children via stories that need to be told and heard.


79) Darryl L. Mobley
Darryl L. Mobley
Darryl L. Mobley is publisher of FamilyDigest.com, an author and in-demand professional speaker, and one of the world’s leading life & executive coaches.

80) Dr. Dennis Kimbro
Dennis P. Kimbro, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal, professional and family success.

81) Dr. Joyce
Doctor Joyce is a relationship expert and radio talk show host. She also offers individual and group coaching.


82) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
Zeta has continued its steady climb into the national spotlight with programs concerned for the human condition both nationally and internationally.

83) Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority focuses on the personal & professional development of each of its members and being at the forefront of advocacy and social change.

84) Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is the largest African American women’s organization in the world with a membership of over 300,000 college-educated women around the world.

85) Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority seeks to enhance the quality of life for women and their families in the U.S. and globally through community service.

86) The Links
The Links is one of the nation’s oldest & largest service organizations of women committed to enriching the culture and economic survival of African Americans and others of African ancestry.


87) Jack and Jill of America
Jack and Jill is an organization of mothers who nurture future Black leaders by strengthening children through leadership development, volunteer service, and philanthropic giving.

88) NCAA Eligibility Center
The Official Web site of the NCAA Eligibility Center. Explore NCAA Divisions I and II initial-eligibility requirements and register to participate in NCAA sports.

89) Safe Tackling – Football
Heads Up Football is a program developed to advance player safety in the game of football.

90) Urban League
The Urban League started out as a grass roots, civil rights organization, and has evolved into a powerhouse for helping people secure economic empowerment.

91) MarryBlack.com
MarryBlack.com – #1 Online Dating Site for Black Women & Men
MarryBlack.com is the first service within the online dating industry to use the expertise of America’s top experts on Black dating and marriage. MarryBlack.com’s matching is based on its Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System being with members every step of the way. MarryBlack.com is committed to helping Black singles – and all those who want to match with them – find love. Traditional internet dating can be difficult for those Black singles looking for love that lasts. But MarryBlack.com is not a traditional dating site. By becoming a member of MarryBlack.com, Black singles have complete access to the proven Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System for lasting and fulfilling relationships.

92) MarryBlack.com/blog
The site for Black women and men to get dating and relationship advice.

93-100) You tell us who belongs here.

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MarryBlack.com is the #1 Dating Site for Black Women & Men.
MarryBlack.comYour Soul Mate. . . Awaits!

We welcome your comments below. Tell us your thoughts. If you are a resource for Black families or know of a resource that we should include, use the comment section below to add information and link(s). We will be happy to add more. Don’t be shy. The power comes from all of us working together. #BlackOnBlackSuccess

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