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Welcome to MarryBlack.com’s Real Talk! Real Relationships! I’m Dr. Joyce Morley and I’m going to help you get into a fulfilling relationship and keep it going strong. Each week, Life Coach Darryl Mobley will bring me your dating, relationship and family questions and I’ll answer them so that you can have a smarter, healthier & happier love life and family. Your soul mate…awaits!

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Show 1“What questions should I ask my fiancé before we agree to get married?” Click Here.

Show 2“I love this woman that I’ve been dating for about 3 years. I very much want to have children once we marry. She does not want to have children. We’ve talked it and talked it. Neither one of us is budging. Should I break off the relationship?”

Show 3“He’s still in touch with his ex! What should I do?”

Show 4“What are some of the things I should never talk about on a first date?”

More shows to come! Keep checking back.

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