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Meet the experts behind MarryBlack.com

America’s Leading Experts on Black Dating & Relationships

Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball, Chief Relationship Officer


womenDr. Joyce Morley-Ball is the leading relationship coach for Black singles in the U.S. An author, speaker, consultant, radio & TV show personality and columnist, “Dr. Joyce” is counted on by clients & fans to bring real talk and real results. FamilyDigest.com’s readers selected Dr. Joyce as the nation’s number one relationship coach. Dr. Joyce is committed to helping you find fulfilling love, and beyond providing expert dating advice to MarryBlack.com’s members, Dr. Joyce is host of MarryBlack.com’s weekly “Dr. Joyce: Real Talk! Real Relationships!” relationship advice show. Dr. Joyce is also co-host of MarryBlack.com’s monthly, live, online seminar. Dr. Joyce is committed to helping you find your soul mate. JOIN NOW!

Darryl L. Mobley, Founder & Life Coach


darryl_mobley_marry_black-290x298Known as “Coach Mobley,” Darryl L. Mobley has been noted as the nation’s top life & success coach. He is founder of FamilyDigest.com – Black America’s No. 1 family, relationship & parenting magazine, and author of books & programs on relationships, personal success, marriage, parenting and professional achievement. Coach Mobley has clients on 6 of the 7 continents and has spoken from the stage to sold-out audiences around the world. During 20 years of coaching, Coach Mobley developed an approach to building healthy relationships that has helped thousands of single and married folks. Coach Mobley has – via his speeches, books, TV & radio show and publications – provided more proven relationship advice to more Black women & men than any other person. Coach Mobley is co-host of MarryBlack.com’s monthly, live, online seminar. He’s committed to helping you find love that lasts and live a life you love. A West Point graduate, former corporate executive and successful entrepreneur, Darryl is a happily married father of wonderful kids. JOIN NOW!

Are you one of the millions of Black women and men who are unmarried but would like to meet their soul mate?


MarryBlack.com is designed to help members create happy, fulfilling and passionate relationships. MarryBlack.com is a better way of finding that right person for you. Better than sitting at home waiting for the phone to magically ring. Better than hoping you’ll find the right match at church. And yes, better than the introductions you get from friends who often can’t even find their own match. JOIN NOW!


Find Your Soul Mate!


MarryBlack.com – #1 Online Dating Site for Black Women & Men

MarryBlack.com is the first service within the online dating industry to use the expertise of America’s top experts on Black dating and marriage. MarryBlack.com’s matching is based on its Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System being with members every step of the way.

MarryBlack.com is committed to helping Black singles – and all those who want to match with them – find love, and with millions of online users, we are confident in our ability to do so. The MarryBlack.com Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System matches Black singles – and all those who want to match with them – for lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Traditional internet dating can be difficult for those Black singles looking for love that lasts. But MarryBlack.com is not a traditional dating site. By becoming a member of MarryBlack.com, Black singles have complete access to our proven Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System for lasting and fulfilling relationships. JOIN NOW!

Who taught you how to get and keep the love of your life? Who in your family had the right kind of relationship you wanted to model? Who taught you how to attract, get and sustain a great relationship?

If you are like most, your answers to these questions are… “No one!” That’s why MarryBlack.com exists. MarryBlack.com doesn’t just give you potential dates. MarryBlack.com also provides you encouragement and relationship coaching, from world-class dating & relationship experts, throughout your dating journey, and beyond.

Free Relationship Questionnaire

Receive your Free Relationship Questionnaire to learn more about yourself and increase your chances to meet your soul mate.

Meet People of all Ages, Ethnicities and Religions on MarryBlack.com


MarryBlack.com knows that your soul mate is out there. That’s why the MarryBlack.com membership base is a diverse group of people of all ages – who are all looking to find their soul mate.

We understand that many different considerations go into finding the mate who is right for you. It is your choice as to the elements that matter – ethnicity, lifestyle, background, goals, religious & political beliefs, economic & educational levels, age… We are not here to tell you who to marry. Our focus is to help you find the love of your life. JOIN NOW!


Find Black Singles Online

Our membership pool includes Black singles residing in all 50 U.S. states and several countries worldwide.

Relationship Experts, Online Dating Advice and Expert Coaching


We at MarryBlack.com want you to find love, romance and your soul mate. To assist you we offer free dating advice, our weekly relationship tips newsletter, live coaching each month from our relationship experts, special members-only Q&A line, and more! We want you to find and keep love. JOIN NOW!


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To begin your MarryBlack.com experience, join now and we will send you our Relationship Profile Questionnaire. Start reviewing some of your dating choices online. Complete the questionnaire and learn about yourself. When you are ready, choose the MarryBlack.com plan you prefer and let’s get you started with MarryBlack.com’s Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System. We want you matched up!


MarryBlack.com is Different and Better


MarryBlack.com’s experts know you in ways other dating sites don’t. Unlike certain other sites, MarryBlack.com is not fronting! MarryBlack.com is not owned by a gigantic, faceless, soul-less mega-corporation that pretends to understand you, your dreams, your struggles and your unique journey. MarryBlack.com’s experts are you! Our experts have been there and done that. Most importantly, our experts have years of experience successfully helping people just like you fall in love with a soul mate who loves you and wants you for who you are. JOIN NOW and let’s get started finding your soul mate today.

Our Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System is the key difference between our service and that of traditional dating services and it is the main reason for our success at matching our members. The MarryBlack.com’s Choice + Connections + CoachingTM System gives you greater choices in dating partners, allows you to connect with those you choose, and provides you real time relationship & dating advice and feedback from the MarryBlack.com experts.